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Who we are?

Equator Website was founded in 2006 and is today the largest and leading website in Israel for flower delivery and gifts. We have developed an engine for comparing flower prices and gifts according to the famous catalog of flower shops.

We have assembled for you hundreds of flower shops from all over the country close to the shipping destination, allowing users to make a smart purchase according to a unique catalog of "Compare" from a huge selection of bouquets, flower pots, box arrangements, gifts, promotional packages, fair price deals and a large selection of products From the businesses that provide the shipment.

How It Works?

Updating a shipping city, comparing prices to the product of your choice, by clicking on the price improvement button you can request a discount from the executive store and then arrive on an online shipping order. Payment is made by credit card through secure clearing of privacy, with the responsibility of credit card companies.

You can also make a payment on the phone. When selecting the payment type, you have to click on an order button on the phone.

The site makes it easy to find a product that fits the event you want to order from the catalog built by recognized designers.

We have a list of stores located in the city where you want to make online shipping the easy, fast and friendly way. You want to order flowers for a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion you arrive at the right address as soon as you place an order on the site it is immediately delivered to the store and you control the entire preparation process and delivery to the desired destination.

Why is it worth booking?

We have a unique and exclusive engine for comparing flower prices!

Because the site centers hundreds of flower shops in one place.

A unique product catalog advertised among the stores (competing for the customer) allows prices to drop.

We make sure that the stores take care of the quality and freshness of the flowers, receiving timely deliveries, providing fair service to every customer.

Because with us you will always find a suitable and perfect gift for any occasion you want.

In addition to our catalog in each store you will find offers and deals from the executive store.

Because only we can improve the price, you can ask for a real-time discount.

All you have to do is enter your destination city in search, get a list of products to compare prices or request a discount by clicking price improvement and then order online order shipping in the easiest and most secure way.

Because the advertised businesses on the site undertake to give exclusive discounts and promotions to the site's users and to comply with the terms and conditions of use.

Because your entire order is handled professionally and delivered immediately upon receipt of payment confirmation to the executive store.

Important for you to know, we take care that every order we receive will closely monitor your order process, order confirmation payment, order preparation, delivery and confirmation of order delivery to the recipient, at each stage regular alerts and updates have been received through messages about changing the status of the order.

In addition to having any claim, order bargaining available to customer service that answers and resolves by the executive store, we will make every effort to your satisfaction that you will return to us again.

Upon registering or purchasing previously, you will receive offers and discounts for the next purchase.

Want to order flowers? So go ahead - update your destination search, select a suitable product and place an order for a good quality service. Successfully!

How to pay for an online order?

On the order page in the process of entering the shipping details, you were asked to select (choose a payment method) 2 options. 1. Pay by credit: (You will be required to enter the card details) 2. Phone: Leave a phone number, the business will get back to you soon for credit card details. If you choose to pay credit on the site, this information will be billed with the most secure technology in the PCI DSS standard and the responsibility of the credit companies. The credit information is not kept on the business computers.

Is it safe to enter my credit card information on the site?

Sure! Because it is important to know if you have decided to pay credit on the site, we compare the importance of information security and therefore apply the PCI DSS standard to protect the confidentiality of the information. It is important to note that credit information is not kept on business computers. If you prefer to order without entering the credit card information on the site, you can choose a phone order by calling the store and giving them the credit card information directly.

Can I pay for the order by phone?

If you prefer to order by phone at the store and give them credit card details directly.

You need to choose the process of entering shipping information (choose a payment method) on your phone: Type your phone number, after sending the order the business will contact you as soon as possible for credit card details.

Can I call the store directly and order?

On a product page or store page, a green icon (phone) appears. Clicking on an icon will take you to a product selection page, select a suitable product from the list, at the bottom of the page there is a field (instant dial to the store) you must enter your phone number and click on a button (call me now). Linked if the store. It is important to emphasize that once the store is dialed, your order details have already been received by the store manager.

Is there self-collection?

Definitely. If you arrive at an order page, the top of the page shows: (Choose an order type), shipping or self-collection.

Enter all the details, update when you arrive at the store to collect, your order will be ready and wait in the store. It is important to note that when ordering self-collection you cannot pay cash at the store, only by credit card on the site or by calling the store directly and giving them the credit card details.

How to order through the site?

You have chosen a suitable product and you want to order, you must enter a product page where you will find information and product information, you can enlarge a product you have chosen and attach related products to the order.

By clicking the Buy Now button Contacts on the order page enter all the details Click on the Send order button to the store, when the order is completed you receive confirmation of receipt of the order in the executive store.

I want to cancel an invitation What to do?

Want to cancel before your order is shipped? The Executive Store is responsible for preparing your order, so to make and cancel your order before sending the order to the recipient, you must call the store directly as soon as possible. You have received an e-mail with confirmation and order number, store details. Contact the store and request and update status: Canceled order, you will receive a cancellation confirmation by email. You can also contact you online at the personal area of ​​the website, you will reach an order page, under the above order you will find a message button and then a reference type, choose Cancel order : List the reason and submit a request. At the end of the treatment you will receive a cancellation confirmation. If you have not received a proper response, please contact us.

Wrong / forgot / current order request What to do?

You must contact the store because you have received a payment confirmation, your order has already been transferred to the store.

You must call the store and submit your request before shipping or you can apply online, you must log in to the personal area of ​​the website, you will reach an order page, under the above order you will find a message button, you will be asked to select a referral type, specify your request and request a response and confirm your request.

I have a comment / complaint about the invitation to whom?

Because the store is the one who handled your order you should contact the store about it, you can contact the store in a number of ways, call the store and get an instant response and solution, or apply online by logging in to the "personal area" website (invitations) to select the above order, click the Dispute button Then choose a referral type, complaint: You can specify a referral circumstance, ask for a reference and resolve your complaint.If you have not received a response within 48 hours, please contact us so that we will work to provide you a solution.

1. Rule

Welcome to the "IsraelFlowers4u" website owned and operated by Hashve



IsraelFlowers4u - flower and gift deliveries. From: HASHVE - Advanced Web Solutions. Address of the business: Hasivim 18 PO Box 6854 Petah Tikva

Customer service at +972-35267470

(Hereinafter: "the Website" and / or "IsraelFlowers4u"). is a search engine for comparing prices and ordering flower deliveries nationwide, the site is an online platform for ordering flower deliveries and gifts from flower shops / businesses spread all over the country.


We at take care to provide our customers with the browsing experience and the full online shopping experience by regularly updating prices before making the purchase. However, sometimes reasons beyond our control may apply to changes in product details / prices.


2. Terms of use

These terms of use apply to users of the portal, it is hereby clarified that provides a digital ordering system only, and is not responsible for the delivery services themselves, the quality of the flowers, its components and / or any other service / product provided. By the executive store.


Everything stated in these Terms of Use, including the first and second parts (hereinafter also: "the Agreement"), is worded in masculine language for convenience only.


Use, login and connection to the site, including purchase through which the site, constitute confirmation that you have read and agreed to be subject to this agreement and to any message displayed through the site.


The terms of use may change from time to time, and it is your duty to update the terms of use at each entry to the site.


You declare and undertake that you are eligible and authorized to enter into this Agreement: You are over 18 years of age.


If you do not agree to the above, you are not authorized to browse the site and / or use its services.



"The Website" - the Website:, its employees, representatives, the management of the website and / or anyone who acts on behalf of the website.


"Purchasers", "Buyers", "Delivery Orders" - the surfers on the site who purchased products through the site, or those on their behalf who use the site.


"Products", "Orders", "Products", "Delivery" - including flowers and / or any other product offered for sale on the website.


The "stores" - the businesses that advertise through the "" website and allow surfers to purchase and order products from them through the website.


4. Limitation of site liability

This site advertises flower products / gifts, flower packages combined with ancillary products, houseplants, fruit trays, chocolate bouquets for ordering delivery / self-collection from businesses (flower shops).


The information on the site is provided as is by the businesses, and we do not guarantee its accuracy or correctness. Therefore, the "" site is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided within the site and will not be responsible in any way for any opinion, advice or statement published on the site.


The "" portal is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to any person who relied on information or content published and / or will be published on the site to the users of the site.


The site provides a convenient, online trading platform that allows you to order deliveries of products, when the stores do not necessarily have these products in stock.


The products are manufactured / woven in the supply stores (businesses). The site is an advertiser only between the buyer and the store, and the site operators do not have any part in the preparation and delivery process.


Delivery order is conditional on the existence of existing product inventory.


After confirming the order of delivery, a charge will be made and a purchase confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the buyer when ordering delivery (hereinafter: "Purchase Confirmation").


 The management of the site reserves the right not to approve the delivery order by the buyer in the event that the payment is not approved by the means of payment provided by the buyer, or the ordering shipper does not meet the terms and conditions of use of the site.


At the time of ordering the delivery, we present to the customer general details about the product, including reviews, user ratings, shipping and other information that is relevant to making the purchase on the website.


The Site may contain links to other websites and videos or images on any other external platform. These links do not teach about the content and reliability of other websites. The site will not be held responsible for the information and services appearing on other websites.


The site reserves the right to change, remove and omit information from any content uploaded to the site by the surfers. does not guarantee that the service on the site will be uninterrupted, secure, high quality, fast and error-free. You are aware that the service may not be available due to maintenance needs, server farm malfunctions, while updating the site update or for any other reason.


There may be inaccuracies in the information displayed on the website in relation to the information of the business that provides the delivery service - since the information provided to us by the store we can not guarantee its accuracy.


The photos on the website were taken professionally, either by us or by the business, which are presented for illustration only, although from circumstances beyond the company's control there may be a difference between what is displayed in the photos and the origin due to upgrading / changing the viewing interface and browsing resolution.


The recommendations are posted on the site as they are, and are as authentic as we can control, and will not allow the use of offensive / insulting language.


5. Purchase products on the site and pay

All prices shown on the website include VAT, unless otherwise stated.


The consideration for the services will be charged using the credit card whose details were typed in the offer before or near the purchase of products to the address specified in the order. The total consideration to which the buyer will be charged appears in the "shopping basket" or "on the transaction details screen - in the purchase process". This amount includes all the items listed in the "cart" including shipping expenses.


The site allows ordering deliveries to the customer who is interested in ordering deliveries through the site.


Ordering deliveries on the website is conditional on the existence of available stock in the store from which you purchased a product using a credit card and / or a request for payment by phone / telephone transaction.


In case of credit payment, the customer fills in credit card details and confirms his order.


The customer will receive a notification to the e-mail address entered by him when ordering the shipment or when registering on the website confirming the delivery of the order request and the details (hereinafter: "order confirmation"). Please make sure the correct address for shipping has been entered.


It should be emphasized that the management of the site reserves the right not to confirm the order in any case.


No confirmation is given for the payment for the products in the means of payment provided by the customer.


In any case where there is no stock left to order.


In any case where the customer does not meet the conditions or rules of use of the site.


 In any case where there is a reasonable fear that the customer will not fulfill its obligation and / or may violate the terms of use.


The management of the site reserves the right not to approve orders at its sole discretion.


Upon confirmation of the order by the site, the order is charged automatically.


The company invests a lot of effort so that the products listed for sale on the site are continuously and accurately updated. It turned out that in the event that an order was placed to purchase bouquets and flower arrangements displayed on the website and it became clear that which of the products was out of stock, the buyer would be given a choice between receiving the existing product as actually provided, and canceling the purchase and receiving all amounts charged for the product.


Subject to the full consideration for the product being paid, the company will work to ensure that the product is delivered to the requested destination in accordance with the delivery hours between 3-6 hours from the moment of order confirmation [depending on the distribution areas provided during business hours (business): Sunday-Thursday 8:00 until 18:00, Fridays and holiday eves 8:00 to 13:00 (winter time until 12:30) except for holiday eves, when it will not be possible to commit to an arrival time. These days the order will be delivered during the day. Delivery range for deliveries from 9:00 to 22:00, an order placed until 9:00 will arrive at its destination by 16:00.


A return returned to the store will charge the customer an additional shipping fee in order to take the order again to the original destination or another destination.


Any buyer who has submitted an offer to purchase flowers, flower pots, ornamental plants, bouquets, flower arrangements, chocolate bouquets, gifts, fruit trays and who wishes to cancel his offer will notify him within one hour from the date he sent his offer to the company (or by contacting the company ).


If the order is to be placed on another day, it will be possible to give a cancellation notice up to 5 hours before the date of placing the order during the operating hours of the store from which you purchased the product.


6. Transaction Cancellation Policy

"Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Deal) Regulations, 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 1981"

"Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the Consumer Protection (Cancellation of a Transaction) Regulations, 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981"


The notice of cancellation of a transaction will be sent to the company's call center by phone:



And send at the same time in writing by fax: + 972-50-8967398 or via email


Cancellation of the operation will be possible as long as the products have not yet been delivered by the company and / or anyone on its behalf to the address provided in the offer.


Cancellation of purchase of any other product (which is not as perishable) will be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product at the address indicated in the offer, provided that notice as stated above, and the product is not used and is in its original packaging as delivered to the buyer. And all subject to the provisions of any law.


7. Method of payment and confirmation of purchase of the order

When placing a delivery order, the customer provides the details of the means of payment, the details of the owner of the means of payment and the contact details of the owner of the means of payment as requested when ordering a delivery (hereinafter: "Payment Details").


Payment can be made by credit card, Visa, Isracard, MasterCard and Diners, as well as by other means of payment as long as these are published on the website from time to time. However, there are businesses that limit the types of credit cards with which you can pay.


You undertake to use the means of payment by law, and in accordance with the instructions of the owner of the means of payment and / or the issuer of the means of payment.


Without derogating from the generality of the above, if the surfer / and the buyer / customer does not have the credit card, he undertakes that he has received full and irrevocable permission and consent from the cardholder to use the card and charge him the purchase amount and all in accordance with law.


"Credit card" - a valid Israeli or international credit card issued in Israel by one of the credit card companies.


The customer undertakes to bear all the payments imposed on him according to the price listed on the website.


The site listings will constitute prima facie evidence of your purchase.


Payment is cleared by an external and secure party, an order will be considered valid only after the site management has approved the order.


If the transaction is not honored and / or returns for any reason, both "" and the executive store may act against the customer and / or cardholder in any legal way that they deem appropriate.


8. Deliveries from flower shops

The pricing of the products on the website is pricing without shipping costs, and the shipping price is displayed on the website separately and may change from time to time.


The delivery service is operated by the executive store or suppliers on their behalf and the website "" has no part in the delivery system and therefore will not be responsible for them.


9. Intellectual Property Ownership - Copyright

All content and / or intellectual property published on the site is owned by the site and protected by all laws, including images (product catalog), accounts, titles, computer code, subject, objects, characters, names, stories, dialogues, key phrases, locations, ideas , Art presentations, animations, sounds, musical works, image and audio effects, operating methods, customer lists, market segmentation, user lists, graphics, information provided by users and the like.


Any copying, photocopying, translation, storage in a database, transmission or reception by any electronic, optical, mechanical or other means of intellectual property specified above, as well as commercial use of all or part of the information, and / or creation of a work derived therefrom - is strictly prohibited , And constitute, inter alia, a criminal offense, a civil tort or a contractual tort.


If you want any use as stated above, you must obtain the written consent of the site management. If the ownership of the rights belongs to another body, the site management refers you to it.


 You undertake to preserve the copyright and / or intellectual property and / or other rights under any law of the site and / or of the users and / or of the sellers on the site, and to refrain from harming and / or changing and / or disrupting content on the site or infringing party rights Some C..


10. Privacy Policy

It is hereby clarified that the website may use any information provided by you or collected when you use the website for marketing and / or commercial purposes.

You represent and agree that the information you upload or post on the Site is not confidential, and that you grant the Site an unlimited and irrevocable license, in its sole discretion, to change the Information, publish the Information or act in any other way without requiring further consent.

You hereby authorize the site and / or anyone on its behalf to send advertising proposals as stated in section 30A of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law, 1982 on the subject of the site and any other subject. If you are not interested in sending advertising material, please send a message to the site. The management of the site may send buyers by e-mail and / or via SMS information about various products and links to their purchase. If the buyer does not wish to receive the mail as stated above, he may not receive it by emailing


 Or to customer service at 972-5267470 + and request removal or via a removal link in the body of the message.

The site will transmit any information provided to it to the competent authority by law, to the extent required or to the extent that it is required by law.

You hereby give the site permission to hold your information in the site's database, for the purpose of sending marketing proposals for the site and / or others, provided that the same entity acts in accordance with the law.


11. Advertising Terms for Advertisers

The website combines a unique product catalog with equal use that can be used (illustrating products) on the website only.


"" may publish commercial messages, advertisements and commercial advertisements as part of its website activity.


The site may not check, and will not check, the information provided for publication by you or by other users of the site, its correctness or accuracy. For this reason, you only as an advertiser will bear full and exclusive responsibility for the content of the message you send to this site with the full results derived from it.


The information you submit for publication on the site will be open to all Internet users. The owner of the site will not be liable to you or anyone on your behalf for the comments published on the site, or for the comments that will be sent directly to you, or for any result that may result from the publication of your message on the site, and you undertake to comply with any applicable law.


The site will also not be liable for any use made by a third party of the details published by you.


The site will not be held responsible for the messages on the site, the content of such messages, their reliability, trustworthiness, portrait, integrity, computer files attached to them, the operation of any such file, its impact on the participants' computers and any damage, loss, inconvenience, distress, etc. In results, direct or indirect, that will be caused to you and any third party due to messages published on the site or delivered through them.


You acknowledge and agree that any information and / or data and / or information you display on the Site will be deemed to have been given by you permission to publish, and you hereby acknowledge that you may and have the right to grant the Site Owner other rights to use, copy, display, distribute The data and details and information you provided to the site.


You know that you may not post on the site and / or pass on to another user, details and / or data and / or illegal, threatening, obscene material, blatant or offensive sexual offers and / or details that are defamatory, or offensive, or illegal. Modest, or offensive to religious saints, or of a sexual, or racist nature, or that may infringe or infringe the rights of any third party including intellectual property or display nude images, with a sexual message and any material that is harmful, and that the site owner may delete such data At its sole discretion.


You undertake to update the site regarding any change in the data you have provided. If it is found that the data and / or information you provided and / or published on the site are inaccurate and / or complete and / or up-to-date and / or (product images) are not owned by you, the site owner will be entitled to delete this data and sue you for any direct damage and / or Indirect that may be caused to him or any of the users of the site.


The site serves as a conduit for the transmission and distribution only of the information provided by you and is only a platform for the provision of advertising services. The owner of the site and those on its behalf do not have and will not have any responsibility regarding the use of the site, and their responsibility is not in any way or in any way related to your content and data and that of other users and / or advertisers on the site.


The Site reserves the right to update the above terms from time to time, in its sole discretion, and without prior notice.


Any change will take effect from the date of its publication on the website.


12. Place of judgment

The law applicable to this agreement regarding disputes between surfers and / or buyers and the site is Israeli law only, and any dispute regarding this agreement, including its applicability, will be heard in the competent court in the Dan - Petah Tikva district only.


13. Customer service

For inquiries and information, please contact the company's customer service representatives via e-mail, at


 Or by phone 9723-5267470 +, Sundays-Thursdays between the hours of 9: 30-17: 00, Fridays and holiday eves between the hours of 8: 00-12: 00. In the event of a customer complaint, a dispute regarding the supply of products will be dealt with by customer service for up to 72 hours.


Business address:


Fiber 18 PO Box 6854 Zip: 49517


ET Kiryat Matalon Petah Tikva



Last update: 04.07.2021

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